What Santa Should Gift These Celebs

Amitabh Bachchan- He is the most iconic actor in the history of Bollywood. His achievements are as great and as tall as he is, so this Christmas Santa should gift him a ‘clip-on tie’. In Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham, we saw Jaya Bachchan getting onto a stool to tie his tie, but with a clip-on tie he can put it around his neck himself (hopefully).

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Shah Rukh Khan- With SRK it’s always a ‘Smoke and Mirrors’ game. Well, especially smoke. The ‘Badshah of Bollywood’ is a self-admitted chain smoker. With Christmas just around the corner, Santa should present him with some Nicotine chewing gum. If he ever makes Don 3, he can definitely dance to Khaike nicotine chewing gum wala…

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Salman Khan- Bas naam hi kafi hai to fill up movie theatres. With Christmas coming up Santa should gift him a music Cd with songs from his own movies for every mood (there are quite a few). Here is the playlist: When happy (Dhinka Chika), when sad (Tadap Tadap), when angry (Jai Maa Kali), when grumpy (Hata Sawan Ki Ghata), and when alone (Ye Raat Aur Ye Doori). This might just help people around him along with those Bigg Boss contestants. ;)


Aamir Khan- Coming to the next celebrity ummm..uhhhh.. Oh yeah! Aamir Khan, the perfectionist! A great actor who puts his heart and soul into his movies but like the joker said,” Why so serious?” This Christmas, Santa should gift him with a big fat joke book containing jokes like ‘Jab Gabbar Aamir se mila toh bola, “ Yeh hath mujhe de de PK”, Aamir: “O Teri! Toh radio kon pakdega?” (Ugly laughs). Well maybe with the exception of that.

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Alia Bhatt- Naam- Alia Bhatt, Baap Ka Naam- Mahesh Bhatt, India ke Prime Minister ka naam-Prthiviraj Chauhan…. …Wait what? Well that was embarrassing for little Ms. Bhatt on Koffee with Karan. All Santa needs to gift her this Christmas is a ‘GK’ book to prevent a slip-up like that in the future. Who knows she might just congratulate the real ‘Mary Kom’ on winning a medal at a boxing event!

auto-thumb-new (1)Gk

Anushka Sharma- Anushka Sharma A.K.A the bubbly Punjabi girl in every movie. She has charmed the audiences with her uber bubbliness (Seriously my detergent doesn’t make that many bubbles), and also charmed cricketers (at least one comes to mind). Now that she is dating a cricketer, Santa should totally gift her helmet, to have a calm, collected and ‘safe’ head as dealing with cricketers can be quite a ‘Virat’ task.



Ranbir & Katrina- It can’t get anymore Christmassy for Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif, as the couple have just moved into their new apartment. So this Christmas, Santa should gift the couple some home décor ideas that help them keep their new house nice and clean, as we know Ranbir is quite a party animal.

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Ranveer Singh- Ranveer Singh is so hyperactive that he can make a Border Collie look like a meditating monk. The guy just doesn’t seem to stay in one place, he is always moving. What’s up, are your pants too itchy? Butterflies in your tummy? Girl talking to some other guy? Whatever the reason be, Santa needs to gift him a fitness tracker bracelet. Atleast he can track how many calories he burns!


Fitness Tracker



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