SRK & Salman’s ‘Eid’ Greetings

Amidst those heavy rains, a heavy crowd of fans was seen outside Bollywood superstars Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan’s residences in Mumbai. The fans had gathered to greet their favorite actors on the occasion of Eid.

The crowd was so large that the road outside Galaxy apartments and Mannat in Mumbai was jammed due to the fans who had come to see a glimpse of SRK and Salman.

SRK came out in the afternoon to wave at the sea of fans waiting to catch a glimpse of him outside his house. Post getting a glimpse of him and Abram, the crowd doubled with a wish that SRK may come out again.

A similar scenario was seen outside Salman Khan’s Galaxy apartments wherein the fans were seen shouting Sallu’s famous dialogue, ‘Ek baar jo meine commitment kar di, uske baad toh mein khud ki bhi nahi sunta’. And Bhaijaan did make an appearance for the solace of the fans.

Meanwhile, SRK also interacted with the media and shared his thoughts and memories of Eid. He also spoke about Suhana as he interacted with media.


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