Parineeti Chopra’s Mystery Man Found!

Actress Parineeti Chopra is set to make a comeback on the big screen with her movie ‘Meri Pyaari Bindu’ after a brief hiatus of nearly 3 years. She had taken a break to undergo a transformation in her personal and professional life. She is now back as a ravishing, slim and trim beauty. But that’s not the only transformation that she went through. The actress is in love again. According to sources, Parineeti is dating Charit Desai, one of Karan Johar’s assistant directors at Dharma.

It is said that Charit and Pari got along quite well during the ‘Dream Team Tour’ last year during which the assistant director was filming the behind-the-scenes video of the tour. The two bonded very well and have been very ‘good friends’ since then. And looks like, after returning back to India they stayed in touch eventually sparking a romantic relationship.

At the trailer launch of ‘Meri Pyaari Bindu’, Pari revealed that she went through a rough patch for sometime but now has attained happiness. She said, “The break came at the time when I was going through a transformation in my personal as well as professional life.”

Also starring Ayushmann Khurrana, ‘Meri Pyaari Bindu’ is slated to hit the silver screens on 12th May 2017.


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