Nawazuddin’s Unbelievable Makeover

Known for his out of the box performances, actor Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s look in the upcoming thriller ‘Mom’, has created a good hype among fans.

Speaking about Nawaz, director of the movie, Ravi Udyawar said, “There is a reason the audience and the industry refer to Nawazuddin as one of the finest actors in the country. When I explained his look to him, he was really excited because it gave him the opportunity to do something different. As an actor he is constantly on the lookout for doing something that challenges him. He sat through four hours of hair and make-up, walked around the local streets wearing basic clothes picked off the streets and yet managed to steal the show.”

Nawaz’s makeover for the film is so striking that even lead actress Sri Devi couldn’t recognize him on sets while she was standing next to him. Also, during a shoot sequence in Delhi’s Chandni Chowk, the local people didn’t recognize him.

‘MOM’ will release on 7th July.


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