Nana Patekar: The Man Beyond

Nana Patekar is one of Bollywood’s most talented actors. Known for selection of niche cinema speaks volumes about him. His son Malahar calls him ‘The man beyond’, a person who is way too ahead in his reel and real life. Nana spilled the beans during a candid conversation regarding his upcoming film Ab Tak Chhappan 2 and much more.


Has the crime pattern changed in India?

Crime pattern has been changed absolutely. Now everyone is educated called as ‘Carporate (Corporate)’.

Was it difficult to get into the character after a 11-year gap?

Gap might be for you.

Apart from Ab Tak Chhappan 2, you are making one of the biggest cinema of the times Natsamrat….

Natsamrat is an old play written by V V Shirwadkar, an amazing play where Dr. Shreeram Lagoo acted, somewhere around 40/45 years. When I saw the play, I wished I would act if it is transformed into film, and now, I got the chance.

A classic play, where I am living the character with this beard, a sensitive depth and emotional character. Presently, I am in the complete system of this character of the film. This character is giving pain in my life. You can’t relax. You have to think a lot. Concentration. It’s like playing with a lion, or a leopard, to take a risk of right and wrong judgment.

Why are you concentrating on regional cinema more than Hindi?

As an artist, it’s about satisfying myself. It’s not about Marathi and Hindi films and Hindi films are money mongers.

Your fitness mantra at age of 65?

I am 65. I can lift 170 not in kg, but in pounds. Body is my medium in my career. Therefore, I need to take care of my body. Nobody wants to watch ugly actors and actresses.

The actor also spoke about the AIB controversy…

I heard of it and I am ignorant about it. Anything that goes against social norms and fabrics, I don’t like it. It again depends on perception. If you like the show, go for it. If you don’t like, don’t go for it. You have laws, lodge complains. Depends on your instinct.

The thing from which you derive happiness, that thing should not bother anybody else.

As an Actor, you should judge yourself on various kinds of characters. Entertainers have different language of entertaining, I have different kind of entertaining.

Your take on Democracy

Today’s generation has no patience. Earlier generation has the attitude of understanding. If you give your word, it becomes your responsibility. What happened in France, will be repeating in India by next 5 years because nowadays, compromise is lost.

What are all interesting projects are doing for this year?

After this, I will be doing Natsamrat, and then a film opposite, Mahie Gill. That film has only two characters. After that I will be doing Prakash Raj’s romantic film.


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