Madhur Bhandarkar Calls For Emergency

Madhur Bhandarkar has announced another female-oriented film. His upcoming project, Main, Indu is set during the 21 months of the Emergency, during the period from June 25, 1975 to March 21, ’77.

In past, movies like Aandhi and Kissa Kursi Ka have been made about this dark period of Indian history. Speaking on the film, a source said, “Indu, in this film has no reference to Indira Gandhi or any real-life character. She’s a female poet who stammers and rebels against the system during these trying times.”

Madhur, who has done a deep six-month research on the film, recently also met BJP veteran LK Advani for further assistance.  His interactions with political writers like Tavleen Singh and Coomi Kapoor who have written The Emergency: A Personal History and Kuldeep Nayyar, an Urdu press reporter who was arrested at the end of the Emergency.

“Madhur also traveled to Kolkata to meet other prominent authors, politicians and journalists who were a part of the Emergency,” the source further added. The filmmaker was initially expected to roll with either of the sequels of the two films Chandni Bar or Fashion, but both these films will have to wait since the Main, Indu’s script is complete.

“Madhur describes this as his most ambitious project, since, he is completely moving away from the genre he has stuck to for the last decade. The film rolls this August,” the source concluded.


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